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Christmas trees for life not just for Christmas

It's not just dogs that are for life and not just christmas! We decided to see if we could help poor and unfortunate Christmas trees this year by offering them a forever home here at BrackenXcapes and at the same time start to create our planned area of natural beauty.

We got off to a good start with over 12 local residents looking for a better way to dispose of their trees than throwing them in the skip or planting them down the end of their gardens to later regret it when it grew too big for them.

These 12, along with 8 others we managed to obtain from a large diy centre, are now happily planted in the adjoining field finding their feet over the coming months and years.

Someone mentioned we could rent these back out each year but we think that might cause issues with the trees health if they are dug up each time impacting on its roots. We had thought of an Xmas tree hire scheme but will look at obtaining young potted trees that could be made available in the future.

One idea we did have was a superb annual Xmas tree light display as the line of trees gets longer and taller. So watch this space.

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