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Escape gaming whilst you escape on holiday!

Catherine and her friends recently stayed with us in The Fern here at BrackenXcapes and tried their hands at our escape room puzzle game TH3 D3L1V3RY. It's based on a 'mission impossible' style game that needs to be completed in just 60 minutes!

Working together the team were clearly on the same wavelength and succeeded in closing down the ticking time bomb with plenty of time remaining in the end. Clearly they've done games like this before!

Here at BrackenXcapes we've hidden taster puzzles in all our accommodation units and we are really pleased to see guests getting involved, solving the challenges and grabbing the rewards when completing them.

Escape Games are now a well-known and successful entertainment offering that most cities and towns now have, in some cases with multiple companies found in close proximity. Expect well-trodden themes from Pirates, Spaceships, Sherlock Holmes, Magical Mysteries, Epicentre & Armageddon, Horror themes and much more.

The normal approach is with teams of between 2 and 6 players getting 'locked in' an experience that's been purposely built with around 60-90 minutes to escape, succeed or complete the mission within that timeframe.

Notable local escape room providers include LetsXcape and further afield Escapologic, Cave Escapes or Cryptology

So next time you fancy an escape to the country why not book a stay with us, warm up with our built in room challenges, then head off to explore the other escape games locally on offer! Check out our accommodation units available by booking your stay at BrackenXcapes

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