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Escape to Glamping

You've arrived! You've found brackenXcapes' holiday and glamping site, located your luxury tiny house stay for the weekend and checked-in ready for some well needed rest and recouperation! As you stick the kettle on, or grab a glass of wine from the fridge, you notice an odd looking box on the side with a padlock on it. What on earth could that be?

Well for those of you who have played an escape room game in any one of the major cities or even towns across the country now, you may see striking resemblances to the kind of puzzling you would conduct in such an experience, right here at brackenXcapes our luxury glamping site too. With our sister company LetsXcape Ltd running escape room experiences locally, we decided we would add some of that puzzling for the more curious amongst you. We think there are many ways to relax and for some, focusing on some mind bending conundrums is just the ticket to forget the normal day job you've come away to refresh from!

All of our accommodation units have some form of puzzling to solve if you fancy that kind of thing, whether its a locked chest, box or hidden puzzle, it's not always as it seems! Guests are welcome to ask for clues if they feel they need it, although each puzzle can be solved without any help from us!

Alongside these cool little challenges there is the option to hire some of our larger game puzzles during your stay! Why not try out TH3 D3L1V3RY a 1 hour 'mission impossible' style game where the clock really is ticking, a great team experience if you can handle the pressure!

For the gamers amongst you why not head down to the LetsXcape Together Board game cafe in Newark's town centre, stocked with over 400 games and serving excellent coffee and cakes, spend the day playing to your hearts content!

Whatever you fancy doing whilst staying with us here at BrackenXcapes we hope you enjoy your escape with us and look forward to welcoming you on site.

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